It is simply astonishing that Jeremy Corbyn remains in post.

This evening in Parliament two things became clear. Firstly, the Prime Minister has the clear mandate he wanted to extend military action into Syria.

That's the big story, but underneath it is the quite astonishing situation the Labour leader is in.

 Make no mistake, today has been a disaster for Corbyn and his supporters.

For all the tweets, all the marches, all the threats of deselection, dozens of Labour MPs openly defied their leader. Amongst them was Hilary Benn, the shadow Foreign Secretary, who eviserated his own leader's arguments whilst Corbyn was forced to watch, stone-faced, and made the speech of the day in doing so.

Alongside Benn, in a move that is straight out of The Thick of It, Labour's chief whip Rosie Winterton didn't obey her own whip (she abstained, although was widely known to disagree with her leader).

The cherry on this Corbyn-crap-cake was this astonishing intervention from Labour Peer Jeffery Rooker. 

"My party leader cannot be accused, like the prime minister, of misleading anyone. He has never, to my knowledge, agreed to protect the realm, the British way of life, or western liberal democracies - and he won’t. We need to get rid of him before we face the electorate and have a leader fit and proper to offer themselves as our prime minister."

Of course Corbyn will remain in post, such is the power of Labour's expanded membership, but it's incredible that he does.