If this happened to Apple, people would go nuts...

CNN has reported an absolutely huge security flaw in the latest version of Andoid, Google's mobile operating system:

From the locked screen, open the phone’s “Emergency Call” feature. Type a few characters, then copy-and-paste the text repeatedly. The character “string” grows exponentially, so it quickly becomes close to 40,960 characters long.

Then open the phone’s camera app and prompt the phone to request a password. Paste the super long character string a few times until the system crashes. (Based on Gordon’s video, it looks like 163,840 total characters.)

Wait maybe five minutes, and the phone goes straight to the unlocked home screen.
— http://money.cnn.com/2015/09/16/technology/android-hack/

That might sound convoluted, but basically it means that anyone can bypass your phone's passcode without any technical knowledge at all.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News / Getty Images

And that's not even the worst bit:

The patch is already available for Google’s own line of phones — the various Nexus models. But there’s no telling when it’ll reach Android devices made by Samsung, LG and others.

Translation: If you don't happen to have one of the 2% of Android phones that are made by Google, you're screwed.

Just imagine if there was a similar issue discovered with the latest iPhone and 95% of users couldn't access a fix even if they wanted to. The world would go nuts.